Theme Parks – Interactive
+ Experience Preservation & Enhancement + Live Translation

Waiting in line. Few other annoyances seem to have the same omnipresence for disturbing such a wide range of our lives more than waiting in lines. From paying for groceries to going to your favorite theme parks, we’ve all had time and energy drained by these ubiquitous thieves.

Researchers found that the perception of a line wait time is more important than the actual line wait time, thus giving way to Switchback Queues - serpentine and compact lines that place guests face to face and rapidly move. The line effectively becomes part of the ride.

Zaps Audio speakers can be utilized in various iterations to increase the experiential psychographic elements of waiting in lines, thus providing “Experience Preservation”. For example, the gamification of the physical line through AI interactions with elements associated with the line / story and the Zaps Audio speakers would keep visitors engaged physically and digitally (cell phones). Additionally, scavenger hunts and interactive elements that use Zaps Audio speakers can be integrated with line / ride experiences to reward or unlock additional benefits.


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