Restaurants & Bars + Live Translation

Implementing Zaps Audio speakers in restaurants could enable consumers to customize their own music/audio at a booth and set the mood they desire. Additionally, patrons could have the ability to have a quiet meal or cheer on their favorite team within the same bar. Sports bars and restaurants are notorious for entertaining patrons with multiple media options to enhance the overall experience. 

Many Bars and Restaurants have 10+ TVs all showing different media. Typically, there is a single output audio source coming from a “master TV”. Zaps Audio can provide seat by seat audio (directed speakers) and source (TV) connectivity for each individual TV input. 

A simple QR code will prompt an App to download, showing the user how the system functions and lets them choose whichever input they prefer. Additional inputs can be integrated, such as jukebox libraries that can play seat by seat, or table by table.

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